Included with the culture of Chicago's best pizza unfortunately is the dreaded wait...
Pequod's Chicago Pizza is no exception, however, it's our attention to those waiting where we stand alone.

Pequod’s ‘Holding Tank’ in Lincoln Park

Looking to appreciate both our long-standing Chicago pizza patrons and newcomers alike, our Pequod’s hospitality has expanded steps away into Whale Tale

Whale Tale is currently operating as a weekend Pick-Up location for all Pequod’s orders between Friday and Sunday 3pm – 10pm.

We are forever appreciative of our customers that come from near and far. We will never make the wait as good as our pizza, but we are trying. Thank you, for
helping support our business and the Chicago community.

Enjoy a beer from our handpicked selection of microbrews and age ole’ favorites, while you wait for take-out, a table, or switch gears altogether and order from our Pequod’s developed gourmet burger and sandwich menu.

We are forever appreciative to our customers that come from near and far.  We will never make our wait as good as our pizza, but we are trying.   Thanks Chicago!


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You can’t party with us right now, but we can bring the party to you!
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